Services Offered

For Educators

I offer a wide variety of services to schools and districts in the state of Connecticut. I am qualified to provide professional development in these areas:

  • Identification of students with dyslexia, including early universal screenings and curriculum-based assessments
  • Scientific Research-Based Intervention for students with dyslexia
  • Instruction of students with dyslexia in the general- and special-education settings
  • Writing a dyslexia-inclusive curriculum
  • Assessing classrooms and schools for dyslexia-friendly environments
  • Writing Individualized Education Plans for students with dyslexia

My services begin with a needs assessment administered to all involved staff. I use this information to help you determine what type of training or consultation you may require. We will then work together to create a completely personalized plan, specific to your school’s needs.

For Parents

I offer a wide variety of services to parents/guardians of children with special needs or who may potentially qualify as having special needs.

I can provide services in these areas:

  • Independent educational testing*, including a written report
  • Individualized Education Plan walkthroughs and reviews, or reviews of other district paperwork
  • Coaching on advocacy and communication with the school, including how to be a fully-involved member of the Planning and Placement Team
  • At-home strategies for learning and homework support
  • Referral to clinicians, therapists, and other professionals

Services I cannot provide:

  • Medical advice, including medication support of any kind
  • Attending Planning and Placement Team Meetings (exceptions may be made in some circumstances)
  • Legal advice for mediation, arbitration, etc.

*Dependent upon tests available