Phonological Awareness

What are the components of phonological awareness? Phonological awareness is a broadly-defined skill that means that one can identify and manipulate units of oral language, including syllables and phonemes. We understand that words, syllables, phonemes, etc., have meaning. For example, I know that when you’ve added an -s to the word rabbit, you are talking […]

But Why Does It Matter?

Last week, I wrote how an effective approach to teaching reading must include the following: logical sequence, cumulative, explicit, diagnostic, and multi-sensory. Today I’m going to start explaining why each of these things is important. 1. Logical sequence: Not all OG instructors are trained this way, but when I was trained, I was given a […]

Accommodations and Modifications

Accommodations and modifications for students with dyslexia are nearly always required for success. Students with dyslexia often wind up having an IEP because they require MODIFICATIONS instead of just ACCOMMODATIONS (having a 504 plan). These are just a few I’ve found to be most helpful with my students. I must put in a caveat here: […]