Guessing Doesn’t Help

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special news bulletin… I know I have been posting regarding the OG lesson, and I will continue with that on Monday. But I came across this article in Forbes, and I found it to be so helpful in proving my point that the OG approach really does […]

An Effective Reading Approach

Q. What is an effective approach to reading instruction for students with dyslexia? A. The approach must be based in Orton-Gillingham principles. You’ll remember that Samuel Orton, nearly 100 years earlier, coined the term dyslexia. Along with Anna Gillingham, an extremely talented educator and psychologist, they developed the OG approach. Q. What does the OG […]

Legal Issues

Why isn’t dyslexia more well-understood, given that it is the most common learning disability out there? We’ve known it exists for over 100 years. What gives? While the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) does not prevent any state from providing services to a dyslexic student under the category of Specific Learning Disability, each state […]

Dyslexia-Friendly Fonts: Yay or Nay?

Q: I’ve heard about those dyslexia-friendly fonts…what’s the deal? A: As of right now (I say this because there is some debate about the topic), dyslexia is recognized solely as a neurobiological disorder, resulting from a significant deficit in phonological processing. Q: English, please? A: Dyslexia isn’t a result of someone’s poor eyesight or inability […]

The MOST Common

Did you know? Dyslexia is the MOST common learning disability and is estimated to be found in anywhere from 5-15% of the GLOBAL population. (Some researchers argue that it could be an even higher percentage.) Why is dyslexia so common? Let’s go back to our cavemen days. When our brains were first developing as brand-new […]