Part 5 of the OG Lesson

Last time I posted, I talked about Review Words in the OG lesson. Review Sentences is the next part. Just like in Review Words, this is the place where the instructor should build in things that need reviewing. Another component of any structured literacy approach is comprehension. During a Review Word/Sentence section, it’s a great […]

Part 4 of the OG Lesson

The next part of the OG lesson is called Review Words. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Students read up to 30 words (not in any context) containing phonemes they’ve already mastered. This is a great spot for the instructor to build in concepts that haven’t been looked at in a while or concepts that […]

Part 3 of the OG Lesson

Y’all. Phonemic awareness is so important. I cannot stress this enough. Phonemic awareness is our ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes for those of you in “the business”). Why does this matter? Because it is the precursor to successful reading and spelling. Phonemic awareness is done completely without letters. Here are some […]

Part 2 of the OG Lesson

Blending is important for students to understand how sounds fit together. When an OG instructor is doing the blending drill, they put 3-4 packs of the phoneme cards out. Each card has a sound that the student can already read. The student needs to say each sound in order, pointing as they go, and then […]

Part 1 of the OG Lesson

Part 1:The Connecticut State Department of Education defines dyslexia as resulting from a significant deficit in phonological processing. Put simply, phonological processing is the ability to recognize and manipulate the sounds that make up our language. That’s why babies start out saying “nana” instead of “banana” as they are developing their phonological awareness (they¬†are also […]