Part 10 of the OG Lesson

SOS in Orton-Gillingham terms stands for Simultaneous Oral Spelling. I explain to kids, it’s a fancy way of saying that you’re spelling the word out loud as you write it. There are typically no more than 10 SOS words in a lesson. The first 5 are usually embedded with the concept that you’ve taught that […]

Part 9 of the OG Lesson

The next part of an OG-based lesson is spelling (AKA encoding if you’re fancy). There are three sections: What Says, SOS, and Dictation. What Says is for the student to practice how to spell a phoneme. The instructor asks, “What says (long e)?” The student then spells, on paper, all the ways he/she has been […]

Parts 7 and 8 of the OG Lesson

As the name implies, New Words and New Sentences focuses on the new concept being learned in the lesson. Especially at the beginning of your instruction, you may be limited in your word choices. An instructor needs to be aware of which sight words (non-decodable words) a student does and doesn’t know. Any words that […]

Part 6 of the OG Lesson

Now it’s time to talk about the Discovery part of the OG lesson! Depending on what the student is learning in the lesson, the discovery wil be slightly different each time. For a typical lesson where the student is discovering that “e” can make a sound like in “egg,” it might soud something like this. […]