Part 11 of the OG Lesson (We’re Done!)

The last part of the lesson is always oral reading and/or fluency activities. If oral reading is done, the instructor must choose a text that is 95%+ decodable, and should go over any unknown words beforehand. At least for the first couple of levels, it is crucial to have the text contain much of same concept that was taught throughout the lesson. The instructor takes a running record as the student reads. WPM can be calculated, but isn’t necessary.

If the student is practicing fluency, there can many ways to do this. One is simply by playing with sight words, since there hasn’t been a focus on these until this point in the lesson. Texts with rhymes or song lyrics can be great to practice too. Students who are struggling with phrasing can practice with short phrases on cards (on the bench, in the cabinet, under the couch).