Part 9 of the OG Lesson

The next part of an OG-based lesson is spelling (AKA encoding if you’re fancy). There are three sections: What Says, SOS, and Dictation.

What Says is for the student to practice how to spell a phoneme. The instructor asks, “What says (long e)?” The student then spells, on paper, all the ways he/she has been taught to spell that sound. (In case you were wondering, here’s the 7 ways to spell long e: pEtE, nEEd, bEAch, pIEce, recEIve, candY, rEcess! Phew!) There are usually ten phonemes for a student to practice spelling.

If the student has learned any, the instructor will then ask them about morphemes. A morpheme is the smallest unit of our language that has meaning. It could be something as simple as adding an -s to the word dog makes it plural, it could be a suffix or a prefix, etc. So the instructor might ask, “Show me the prefix that means ‘before'” and the student could write “pre-” on the line. These are usually ten of these as well, or as many as the student has been taught.