Part 6 of the OG Lesson

Now it’s time to talk about the Discovery part of the OG lesson!

Depending on what the student is learning in the lesson, the discovery wil be slightly different each time. For a typical lesson where the student is discovering that “e” can make a sound like in “egg,” it might soud something like this.

Instructor: Listen to the words I say and tell me what sound you hear that is the same in all of them. Pet. Bed. Hem.

The student should be able to name the “e” sound they are hearing. Then the instructor will show the student the words, and ask the student which letter is making the “e” sound. The student will identify the e, and underline it as they say the sound again. Now they have learned that “e” can sound like “egg.” The instructor will introduce the new phoneme card which will now be part of the drill and blending section. The student will then learn the sound in a kinesthetic manner. This means that they might trace the letter in sand while saying “E says egg” or sky-write (writing in the air). If there is a meaning behind the new concept, such as that adding “-s” or “-es” to a noun makes it makes plural, there is a meaning discovery as well.

Guided discovery is so important because there’s a lot of research that shows we learn and retain information better when we’ve discovered the learning for ourselves rather than just having it be told to us.