Part 5 of the OG Lesson

Last time I posted, I talked about Review Words in the OG lesson. Review Sentences is the next part. Just like in Review Words, this is the place where the instructor should build in things that need reviewing.

Another component of any structured literacy approach is comprehension. During a Review Word/Sentence section, it’s a great idea for the instructor to ask questions that come from the words or sentences. For example, in literal comprehension, the instructor might askĀ about the subject of the sentence or what that subject did. The instructor might ask the student to point to all the nouns/verbs/etc., or ask things about the Review Words like, “Where is the adjective on this line?” You have a lot of room to be creative in your questions. You can build in vocabulary work too by asking the student about synonyms and antonyms for the words they’re given, or talk about prefixes and suffixes.