Part 4 of the OG Lesson

The next part of the OG lesson is called Review Words. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Students read up to 30 words (not in any context) containing phonemes they’ve already mastered. This is a great spot for the instructor to build in concepts that haven’t been looked at in a while or concepts that the student may need a refresher on. There should be no sight words or new material in this section.
This is also a good time for me to discuss error correction, the OG way. Students with dyslexia are already used to hearing that they’re reading something wrong. It doesn’t help at all for the instructor to say “Incorrect,” or “No, not quite.” In an ideal world, students would self-correct any mistakes they made. When they do, the instructor praises them and doesn’t mark it as an error. But when they do mess up, the instructor waits until the student has read the end of the line they’re on. We don’t want to interrupt their focus, or “flow,” if you will, and often students self-correct if I just wait for a second. We ALL mess up sometimes when we’re reading out loud. Self-correction shows we’re monitoring our reading as we go.
Back to the error. We will point to the word that the student said incorrectly. We ask them, “What are the letters in that word?” They spell it out. If they don’t self-correct at this point, we have them tap out the sounds in the word, and then blend them back together. Then (and this is tedious but important), they reread the whole line of words, having corrected their error. Why? Because we want our brains to get used to seeing that word and decoding it correctly.