Legal Issues

Why isn’t dyslexia more well-understood, given that it is the most common learning disability out there? We’ve known it exists for over 100 years. What gives?

While the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) does not prevent any state from providing services to a dyslexic student under the category of Specific Learning Disability, each state has the right to decide whether they have laws specifically governing the screening, assessment, and treatment of dyslexia, and what those laws look like.

In 1985, the state of Texas was the first to write legislation for students with dyslexia. Connecticut’s own laws did not come around until…wait for it…January 2015!

States vary on other requirements as well. When I was getting my initial teaching certification, there was nothing requiring my school to provide me with any sort of instruction or exposure regarding dyslexia. Thankfully that has now changed, and my hope is that teachers getting their certifications now will have a much better understanding of dyslexia.