Accommodations and Modifications

Accommodations and modifications for students with dyslexia are nearly always required for success.

Students with dyslexia often wind up having an IEP because they require MODIFICATIONS instead of just ACCOMMODATIONS (having a 504 plan).

These are just a few I’ve found to be most helpful with my students. I must put in a caveat here: no list of accommodations, modifications, goals, anything, is meant to be a one-size-fits-all situation. A PPT must thoughtfully consider each accommodation and modification in an IEP. Their purpose is not to give the student an advantage – it is to level the playing field.

  • Accommodations and modifications:
  • Verbal instructions, with visuals, and repetition of instructions as necessary
  • Partial or complete teacher notes provided to the student
  • Extended time as necessary on classwork and homework assignments, including testing
  • Access to text-to-speech technology
  • Access to speech-to-text technology, word-prediction software, and/or a scribe/reduced writing requirements (varies greatly depending on needs)
  • No penalty for spelling and/or handwriting
  • Allowed to type assignments
  • Reading aloud or audio access to directions on assignments, tests, etc.