The MOST Common

Did you know? Dyslexia is the MOST common learning disability and is estimated to be found in anywhere from 5-15% of the GLOBAL population. (Some researchers argue that it could be an even higher percentage.)

Why is dyslexia so common? Let’s go back to our cavemen days. When our brains were first developing as brand-new homo sapiens, we didn’t have any need to read and write. Sure, we had cave drawings on the wall, but as far as we know, no one was writing things down with specific meanings.

Our brains don’t HAVE “reading” and “writing” centers. When you learn how to walk, there are specific parts of the brain that always get activated. Same when you learn how to talk, feed yourself, etc. There isn’t anything in our neurobiology that tells our brain what we should be doing when we give it completely arbitrary visual symbols to connect to completely arbitrary sounds and meaning. The 85-95% of us are able to make meaning with those symbols and meaning, and those with dyslexia have difficulty generalizing this information. But to be honest, it’s surprising to me that dyslexic people aren’t the majority!